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For those of you that have vehicle problems after hours, we have a number of assistance programs in place:

1.  For most current customers:  We have given you the "To Your Rescue" (recently renamed "Safe Route") program.  This program provides you with 24 hour roadside assistance (towing, lock-out assistance, flat tire assistance, fuel-oil-fluid-and water delivery, and battery jump start).  Confirmation of your registration in this program will be on your last invoice from us.  This program applies to that vehicle only for a period of 12mo/12,000 miles from the date of the invoice.  To utilize this program, you must call 1-855-246-6001 first, and they will arrange for the appropriate assistance.  You will pay for the service at the time of service, but you can then apply for reimbursement up to $75. 

2.  For new customers or current customers that do not have "To Your Rescue" registered on this particular vehicle, you can call Horcher's Towing at 847-541-6673.  This is a local towing service that will attempt to help you on the road, or tow the vehicle here.  If they are able to resolve your problem on-site, you will be responsible for any charges at that time.  If they tow the vehicle here, the towing fees will be added to your invoice.

3.  For warranty assistance more than 25 miles from our shop:  If you believe that your break-down relates to a repair done here within 24mo/24,000 miles (12/12 on cars repaired prior to 1/31/2012), you must first contact our "Confidence Plus" national warranty program at 1-877-230-0369.  They will direct you to, or tow you to, the nearest facility participating in this program.  If your present issue is diagnosed to be related to our repair, they will handle the warranty on the repair.  If it is determined that your issue is unrelated to our repair, you will be responsible for the expense.

As usual, if you have a break-down during our normal business hours, you are welcome to call us at 847-821-2100, and we will help you with your options.