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Attention All Claims Personnel:

Do you have a loss that is fraught with unanswered questions?Do you see a conflict between testimony and evidence?Do you have the feeling that you are being asked to write a check that may not be your responsibility, or should be recovered elsewhere, but you donít have the facts necessary to resolve the issue?It may be time to add our services to your arsenal of tools for case resolution.Our firm provides special investigation in the form of inspection and evaluation of automobiles, small trucks, and motorcycles, regarding their mechanical condition as it relates to questions and circumstances surrounding a claim.We then provide the documentation and expert witness testimony necessary to back up your decision.Your job is difficult enough without adding lack of information to the equation.Let us help you by giving you the support you need to make a fair and informed decision in those tough cases.

Types of investigation:

Theft Claims:

We examine the vehicle for the presence of mechanical malfunctions or failures that may have predated the theft and/or fire claim.When cost effective, we can make sufficient repairs to operate the vehicle and evaluate its condition.If the condition of the vehicle makes this impractical (including completely burned vehicles), we can remove, disassemble, and inspect the engine, transmission, and/or any other components, as necessary to establish their condition prior to the claim.We evaluate the nature of any discovered failures, in order to classify them as either maintenance related or related to short-term abusive operation.In other words, are these mechanical malfunctions the result of poor maintenance history and age, or from abusive operation by an alleged thief?At the very least, we are able to help determine the condition of the vehicle at the time of the claim, in order to help you establish a more accurate cash value for the vehicle.


Case example:1981 Audi 4000, reported stolen and recovered partially stripped and burned 3 Hours later.We found several rod bearings in the engine spun from lack of oil, and several more bearings that had been removed for inspection prior to recovery (not even in the engine).

The insurance company involved felt it was unlikely that a thief could have stolen, abused, run the engine out of oil, disassembled, inspected, diagnosed, evaluated, stripped, burned, and abandoned the vehicle in 3 hours.

Fire Claims:

We can perform investigations to determine if a fire loss may have been caused by a mechanical malfunction.In many cases we will work closely with a certified Cause and Origin specialist to determine if a fire is due to mechanical failure or arson.In even the worst burn cases, we are usually able to uncover many pieces of valuable information that can aid in reaching an informed resolution.

Product Liability:

We can carefully examine a vehicle to determine whether or not an incident may be due to a product or component failure.This may enable you to initiate subrogation against the manufacturer of the component or vehicle, thereby recovering your costs and expenses.

Service Liability:

We can carefully examine a vehicle to determine if poorly performed repairs or service work may have caused an incident.This may enable you to initiate subrogation against the facility having recently performed these repairs.

Personal Liability:

We can examine a vehicle to determine if an incident may relate to any mechanical malfunction in the vehicle, be it age, maintenance, or impact related.We can often shed light on the circumstances surrounding a questionable incident or testimony.Typical examples would be cases of reported brake failure or unexplained acceleration.


Clear and Concise:

We are well known for our clear, concise, and well-documented reports of our findings.The details of our investigation are documented in terms easily understood by non-technical parties.References, diagrams, and photos are included when ever necessary.We realize that not all adjusters, members of your legal staff, clients, or interested parties, are going to have extensive mechanical backgrounds.Still, all parties involved must have a clear understanding of the facts in order to negotiate a fair resolution.We are always available to clarify any question that may arise during this process.

Expert Witness Testimony:

All investigative work is performed by ASE Certified Automotive Technicians. Evaluations are performed by an ASE Certified Master Automotive Technician.This certification is issued by The National Institute for AutomotiveService Excellence, the largest and most recognized certification organization for our industry in the world.A Curriculum Vitae is available on request.We have been recognized repeatedly in court as an expert witness.We are available to testify in court, should a personal appearance be necessary.

Laboratory Services:

A full range of outside laboratory services is available on an as needed basis.These services include, but are not limited to: analysis of fuel, brake fluid, coolant and oil related samples.The results are then evaluated and explained in our reports.

Evidence Retention:

Any physical evidence discovered during the investigation is clearly tagged and cataloged. All evidence is retained for your review.Chain of evidence is of prime importance, and must be well maintained and documented.Evidence may be properly transferred to your representatives when necessary.

Expert Advice:

We are always available for free consultation.You may have need for technical advice and information.You may have questions regarding industry standards and practices.You may be deciding if pursuits of your unanswered questions are going to be cost effective.You are welcome to call, and we will answer your questions to the best of our ability.

Training and Seminars Available:

We offer the benefits of our expertise and experience to your own employees.We are available to come to your location, and speak to your group of adjusters, estimators, field investigators, and other related personnel.We do not presume to duplicate your own training efforts.We can train your people as to the kinds of investigative information available to them, evidential flags that might indicate the need for further investigation, and tips concerning the handling of evidence.



We have performed more than 800 investigations for more than 20 insurance companies in 22 years.In that time, we have never been contacted by a party, who was trying to avoid responsibility of fair payment.But you do need to know all of the facts in order to make an informed and fair resolution of such cases.When should you call us?You should call whenever confusion or questionable circumstances arise surrounding the mechanical condition of a vehicle.†† When you need professional and clear expert documentation of a vehicles condition, we are only a phone call away.

Thank you for your time.

John Lamb


P.S.As you well know, the chain of evidence is often one of the most important factors in these cases.Please contact us for advice before that chain of evidence is broken.


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