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Nothing says “satisfied customers” like testimonials.  We just starting saving the emails at the beginning of the year 2000, so we copied and pasted some of them here.  Some are from unsolicited emails, and some are from our customer feedback page.  One of these days, we should copy over the hard copy letters and add them to the list as well as the rest of the emails, but, well, you will probably get the idea from these (counted 449 on 4/25/2013).  If you don’t want to read them all, you can scroll down and read some of the nicer ones in bold print.  We, at Lamb's Automotive, thank all of our customers for their great reviews, and I would like to thank my staff for earning them.  John Lamb J  

4/23/13    Thanks for always knowing what is wrong with my car and fixing it right the first time.   Sandra R.

4/20/13    always been happy with your service.   Alan S.

4/17/13    Everyone has been super helpful, honest and quick to get our repairs completed.  Thank you!   Lainie O.

4/9/13    The guy (I didn't get his name) who greeted me was very kind. Not having permanent employment, he mentioned to me the discount coupon online that will hopefully help me towards the repair bill. Thank you very much!   E.  G.

3/30/13    A little hard to find but well worth the effort.   Toby B.

3/21/13    I like being able to schedule appointments on-line.   Elliott L.

3/20/13    Brought our vehicle in for oil change and tire rotation - first time visit and very pleased with the service, professionalism, friendliness and cost.   Paul W.

3/15/13    Good service   Joseph F.

3/11/13    Personnel is always helpful   Ronald F.

2/24/13    fantastic service, good pricing too.   Anirban J.

1/23/13    Always great service   Sandra R.

1/22/13    The reminders in the mail about service needed are appreciated.  Michael P.

1/17/13    Very good service and fair prices. Tami B.

1/7/13    Keith was very helpful the last few times I had my car serviced. Martin B.

1/4/13    Very helpful. E, W.

12/19/12    Fixed my car as promised in time and the quote was fair. Sam P.

12/19/12    You have so many testimonials which are valuable reference for the first time customer, and I do feel your service is as good as what I saw in the testimonials.   Shipeng L.

12/13/12     Chuck always seems to provide the very best advice, seems to be very honest and true. I have been having my Buick serviced at Lambs for almost 3 years. My parents have been using Lambs for around 10 years. I go back because I trust them and they do a great job. James P.

12/10/12     Nice service Sivaram 

11/26/12     Great website, hoping you can help me Rebecca J.

11/21/12     Have been well-satisfied with the work of Lamb's Automotive for the past 7 years. Robert B.

11/16/12     good service at a fair price Michael S.

11/14/12     All the employees are very courteous and helpful Ronald F.

10/29/12     Great service Martin B.

10/25/12     Helpful , Precise and experts. Perfect work. Deepti D.

10/25/12     You provide great service Martin B.

10/20/12     Good job! Alex G.

10/15/12     website is helpful when trying to find someone local to service a vehicle. Les C.

10/6/12     Chuck made an error in the estimate he provided and did everything possible to minimize the impact of the error. I was thankful for this and impressed. Not many other repair shops would go to this level. Thank you! Don H.

10/4/12     clear problem explanations, fair prices, reliable repairs Michael S.

10/2/12     Asked ask questions about my car and you were very helpful Corey K
10/1/12     We have worked with you before and were happy with the results. Tom N.

10/2/12     Quick response / call back on a quote for brakes. Jack G.

10/5/12     Excellent service and prompt response time. Jason K.

9/28/12     I feel very comfortable having Lamb's service my car since all the personnel are very honest and straightforward Ronald F.

9/24/12     I appreciate your honest feedback on the status of the repairs and I feel confident that I am not being charged for unnecessary work. Vikram M.

9/21/12     It is good to know that there is a place that one feels good about returning to for service. You have serviced my car, my wife's care and my son's car. Will be setting new appt. soon. John C.

9/11/12     Great place to get car repaired, very knowledgeable and dependable Sandra R.

8/29/12     My husband had a great experience getting his car serviced at Lamb's Automotive. Lisa L.

8/19/12     We are always treated well and receive excellent service. Jean F.

8/18/12     Great service at a fair price Michael S
8/16/12     Been a happy customer for many years. Michael C.

8/14/12     Great auto service! Matt Z.

8/3/12     great work Sandra R.

7/30/12     This comment is to show appreciation to Chuck at Lamb's Automotive. He has given me great advice, explained all of my options and advised me on what I should do. I'm in a tough situation with my car, it needs a few minor repairs and they been very helpful. I appreciate the upfront truth from them and they always seem to do quality work.-Been a customer now for 2 years+ and my family now since 2001.Thanks for all the help!!! James P. 

7/24/12     Thanks for your great service, by the way. Carol B.

7/24/12     Reliable, good service at a good price Michael P.

7/5/12     Like internet web access Michael B.

6/28/12     I have found the service excellent, the prices fair and the employees very helpful. I have been using Lambs services for my 2 vehicles for over 10 years. Christine K.

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6/27/12     I like the online appointments. Service is very good. Lambs auto is very good to work with. You are honest, reliable and fairly priced. Michael .

6/23/12     Lamb's Auto really know what they're doing! They never beat around the bush or misdiagnose your car for a profit. Totally Recommended Amir S.

6/12/12     Website is very informative. Did not know it existed until I needed the phone number. Barbara W.

6/7/12     I have used your service for many years and have been very pleased. Seymour G.

6/4/12     Quality work and price/performance Michael C.

5/29/11     We greatly appreciate the high level of service provided. Ronald F.

5/25/11     I continue to recommend John and his team to all my friends. They are good, honest, skilled, fast, thorough and knowledgable. I used to be a mechanic myself, but I take my car to Lambs! David F.

5/25/12     Great service-honest people working there. Michael P.

5/25/12     Can always count on quick service and a fair price from Lamb's. ...and NEVER have to worry about additional services being suggest that aren't needed. Great job. Jeff M.

5/24/12     always like your service, fast and fair priced Dave P.

5/2/12     Last time I was there was for inspection and was well pleased. Steve B.

4/23/12     you guys do good work Scott B.

4/23/12     I got my car for repair. My son and daughter in law are customers for years. Daniel F.

4/4/12     I like your service! Mary M.

3/21/12     Impressed with timely feedback on an estimate and truthful response. Paul H.
3/16/12 Always good work, satisfied for 28 years Bud S.

3/13/12     Like the thoroughness, yet concise evaluation of the situation. Fair price and quality work. Mark C.

3/9/12     Great Service : Julian D.

3/8/12     Lamb's Auto is definitely the best place to get car help or any service. Recommended to all my friends for sure. Amir S.

3/1/12     Great Repair Shop! Julian D.

2/26/12     Always received excellent service at Lamb. I would defiantly recommend them! Michael H.

2/21/12     I wanted to thank you very much for being right next door to the office I just started working in and for being able to service my car the same day! The quick response in letting me know what was wrong with the car was very appreciated. Thank you! Jordan R.

2/17/12     Love bringing my car to Lamb. Always done right the first time. Sandra R.

2/14/12     Quick diagnosis and quick solutions. Got to like it. Expecting the results will be just as good. Mike N.

2/6/12     great service, honest prices. Michael S.

1/23/12     John Lamb seems very knowledgeable and a straight-shooter Gerald T.

1/16/12     Very pleased with your service and honesty. Vicki S.

1/10/12     Work is always complete when promised and I have never had to come back for the same issue. Douglas O.

1/4/12     I think your website is easy to use. Jan S.

12/18/11     Your web page is very clear and easy to set up a appointment on line. Dan K.

12/7/11     Quality Service, reasonable prices Boris T.

12/6/11     I appreciate your efficient service and fair pricing. Steven C.

12/6/11     I always find your employees to be very helpful and friendly, letting me know what I really need to get fixed and what can wait. Elliott L.

12/1/11     Like the service Lois G.

11/14/11     We have been very satisfied with the personal service provided by all employees and the quality of the car servicing. It is refreshing to find an auto service company that is straightforward and trustworthy. Ronald F.

11/3/11     Lamb always does it right the first time and I have never had to bring my car back for the same problem twice. Sandra R.

11/1/11     Very courteous, caring service. Todd S.

10/31/11     I have always been satisfied with your service Myrna M.

10/27/11     Excellent customer service! Marty O.

10/25/11     excellent diagnostics, complete answers Michael S.

10/4/11     I'm a first time costumer and made an appointment expecting no more than a basic oil change. I was pleasantly surprised with the service. This was not the usual "quick-lube" station inspection, they actually check all systems, and reported accordingly with out selling me unnecessary service, but rather gave me a few things to look out in the future. They even reset my maintenance counter, which no one but the dealer has ever done on this car. Leslie Z.

9/24/11     I've heard good things Russell B.

9/22/11     Great service Esther E.

9/15/11     Outstanding customer service Marty O.

9/13/11     I appreciate your honesty, service, and rates. CJ K.

9/5/11     It's nice to have a more personalized auto repair service center so close to home and work. Mary and Brad R.

8/29/11     I got my car serviced here a year or so ago. One of the items I needed to get repaired was overlooked. You took the car back, made the repair and did not charge me. Mistakes happen, and its what you do to fix them that defines good customer service. Brandon 

8/20/11     Direct, simple and to the point, well done. Kirby Y.

8/20/11     Friendly attention, great analysis and repairs at competitive prices. Alvin W.

8/19/11     very convenient Wendy D.

8/18/11     I am happy with the service done in my Altima 2005. Gladys V.

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8/16/11     I have been a customer since I moved to Buffalo Grove some years ago. Since then I have bought my brother and niece, both who live quite a ways away in Chicago, to have their cars serviced by John and his men. From their service to new car buying advice I have the greatest confidence that I am receiving quality service. Jack M.

8/16/11     excellent service Kim B.

8/13/11     Great customer service. The guys always spend time to explain the problems and tell me in details the job they need to do. I do not feel they try to take advantage of me. Germano F.

8/11/11     Thanks for all your work in the community John! Greg D.

8/10/11     You guys do good work at a fair price Marty O.

8/9/11     very good info on website Daniel N.

8/8/11     It's great that you have the option to make an appointment online! Lauren E.

7/30/11     moved to this area 5 years ago and was recommended by Ruth (my sister) and have been a satisfied customer for the last 5 years. Have been pleased with the service and honesty. Not the lowest price but the best place I would recommend. Erwin T.

7/28/11     Enjoy fast call backs Gary D.

7/26/11     manufacturer's scheduled service at way below dealer's cost Mike S.

7/25/11     You repaired my 1999 Regal a few weeks ago-- replaced the #6 cylinder valve spring. It's been running good. Thanks for working on it so quickly. David V.

7/20/11     Your service is wonderful! Dana S.

7/20/11     We are so pleased that you are always honest and do a great job fixing our cars. Thanks! Jody S.

7/19/11     I was referred by Cheryl K and have been quite happy with the service to our Highlander and Mountaineer. Denise D.

7/16/11     As always fine service. Jay A.

7/13/11     Consistently provides clear communications and explanations to problems. Offers suggestions and guidance to help arrive at an informed decision. Mark H.

7/12/11     Very professional and courteous Paul A.

7/12/11     Lambs does an excellent job diagnosing repairs. Does the job right the first time. David G.

7/7/11     Chuck is honest Jack R.

7/6/11     John and the rest of the guys at Lambs are so fantastic. They knew that I had just had the dealer look at my car a few days before I brought it in to them, and that the dealer charged me a bundle. So they looked at my car for no charge. Such great service that can't be beat anywhere! Taylor N.

7/6/11     You guys help out so much! Robin S.

7/1/11     We were happy with the friendly service and the honest opinion that was provided regarding what repairs need to be done, and which ones are most essential. Eric J.

6/25/11     Outstanding service, fair prices Michael S.

6/23/11     Lambs Auto provides a very competent service at reasonable prices. I was going to other mechanics before, but the quality of the repairs was not as high as at lamb's Germano F.

6/18/11     like the service you provided Roger S.

6/13/11     Thank you for the prompt service Mark A.

6/13/11     After an light turned on regarding the engine oil pressure, Lamb's Auto employees were happy to talk me through what needed to be checked and possible reasons for the light to make sure no further damage was done to the car. Rachel L.

6/9/11     Great work at a fair price and a very complete explanation of what is wrong and how to fix it. Michael S.

6/3/11     Thanks for getting the job done so fast! Craig R.

6/3/11     You guys are the best -- I always am confident I'll get the straight answers, no BS, and all the help I need to keep my Nissan humming. Thanks! David F.

6/2/11     We have been customers for over 20 years and would not go anywhere else. Your company has always been honest and fair. Marilyn J. F.

5/31/11     You have a lot of good information on the Web site. Also, spoke to Chuck about a brake job quote and he was very quick in getting the quote to me. Roman D.

5/25/11     I have always had excellent service and the price is fair. Michael S.

5/23/11     I will be taking in my car today. I have taken my car in twice, and both times I was able to be scheduled for the next day. Excellent service! Justin S.

5/21/11     thanks for the great service David C.

5/17/11     I've always had good service from Lamb's. I appreciate the fact that you give an honest opinion on whether work needs to be done or is an option. Cal J.

5/11/11     Appreciate the honest work. Gary K.

5/9/11     I have been very happy with your shop Myrna M.

5/8/11     Have only used Lamb's twice, but people have been most helpful with info and service. Appt made now for my wife's car - first time in for that one! Hope you can help. John C.

5/7/11     Excellent diagnostics and trouble-shooting Michael S.

5/5/11     Car is always ready when promised. Douglas O.

4/25/11     I have been very pleased with my service. Harriett W.

4/23/11     We always get a straightforward and honest evaluation from the team at Lamb's Auto. This is refreshing these days when so many others are just trying to up sell their services. H. S.

4/13/11     I was there once and thought you were honest and fair. I need some more work done. Tom W.

4/13/11     Lamb's does great work, they are fairly priced and finish their work quickly, Highly Recommended. Scott B.

4/8/11     Appreciate the insight and explanations on issues. Joe Q.

4/6/11     I really appreciated the friendly atmosphere and quickness with which the work was completed. Paul S.

4/6/11     On our recent trip back from vacation, our car experienced wheel bearing problems. Of course, this happened in the middle of the country and on a Saturday. Chuck was at the shop and helped to determine what the problem was. It allowed us to be able to get a short-term fix and have parts available when we arrived back, safely, in Chicago. Great service, as always, from the Lambs Automotive team. Chris C.

3/26/2011     Honesty is hard to find in auto repair. It's nice to know that we can trust you when you repair our car and know that your recommendation for service are reliable and trustworthy.   Richard M.

3/25/2011     It's nice to have a local automotive repair shop that's friendly and honest.   David G.

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3/23/2011     Great Experience!!   Chris W.

3/23/2011     I always find your employees to be friendly and helpful.  I appreciate the honest appraisals of the condition of my car, both things that I need to take care of right away and those that I do NOT need to take care of right away.  Elliot L.

3/22/2011     very helpful.  Mark S.

3/18/2011     EXTREMELY SATISFIED.   Pat S.

3/14/2011     Thank you for taking care of our high milage cars.   Peter G.

3/9/2011     All your employees are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Chuck is always willing to take as much time as needed to answer questions and provide clarification.   Ronald F.

3/7/2011     Your mechanics have always done such fantastic work keeping my 1994 Bonneville running.   David D.

3/3/2011     John Lamb always finds the problem quickly and does not overcharge.   Joel G.

2/24/2011     everything was handled in a professional manner, which means i will be back for any future repairs.   Ken B.

2/23/2011     good greetings at the front desk by Chuck.   Ramon V.

2/21/2011     I brought in my car to get my Minivan checked for a flat tire. They immediately started looking at the car and explained to me in detail about the issue with the tire. I decided to go with the recommended service right there.   Sabu M.

2/18/2011     Patty is very pleasant.   Kurt F.

2/18/2011     Lamb's Automotive is very knowledgeable and patient, always takes time to discuss my cars' problems and technical aspects which helps to understand the problem. I can always ask any questions knowing that I will get information that I need.   Maria T.

1/31/2011     Honest work for an honest price.   Michael S.

1/29/2011     John. Indeed it does help!! One less worry (in this instance, about possible timing belt failure) for this old, gray head is always appreciated. Please consider this as a testimonial to your excellent service.   John D.

1/26/2011     Nice website, friendly and easy to navigate around.   Brad S.

1/22/2011     Chuck is a very nice and professional person.  He is honest with the customer and tries to be flexible.   Will R.

1/19/2011     I've heard good things about your company.   Vera M.   I've heard positive feedback.  Michael M.

1/3/2011     Lambs Auto is a trustworthy and professional shop in the northern suburbs.  I have taken my vehicles to Lambs for many, many years and have always found the workmanship and attention to detail, second to none.   Chris C.

12/23/2010     Awesome service.  Right Repair. Fair price.   Mike S.

12/5/2010     I had the best experience at Lamb's,  I think any other shop would have charged me a lot for the issues with my car.   Vikram M

12/3/2010     I've come to Lamb's Auto a few times.  I've been very happy with the service I've received.  I have an older car and really just want enough work to keep my car is safe.  I feel that's what's been offered to me.  You understand my car is older and provide services accordingly.  Unlike other auto service companies I've used in the past, the work is complete.  I haven't had to return with the same issue in any case.   Joseph F.

12/2/2010     He was very nice and gave me the information so fast. It was very convenient. Thanks!   Kyung H.

11/24/2010     Good service at a fair price.   Michael S.

11/17/2010     The website is very helpful.   Ming L.

11/15/2010     Chuck and John are easy to work with.   Keith K.

11/12/2010     Thanks for your help with both our cars. I like that you are problem solvers and honest!   Rick S.

11/12/2010     You take very good care of my car and I Trust you.   Harriet W.

11/3/2010     fine company.   Bob F.

11/3/2010     I've always been pleased with the degree of expertise and knowledge from your employees. You guys do a tremendous job.   Anthony K.

10/15/2010     Took my car in right away and called me a few hours later! Thanks! :)   Kelsey N.

10/11/2010     Your service is awesome!   Jodie S.

10/4/2010     You guys are great.   Marty O.

10/3/2010     We have used Lamb's Auto several times and have always received excellent work.   Sheila B

10/1/2010     You have friendly knowledgeable staff who solve problems and charge reasonably! Thank you.   Rick S.

9/28/2010     I always find your staff to be very friendly and helpful.   Elliot L.

9/21/2010     Very good experiences overall several years taking caring of all of our cars.   Michael M.

9/13/2010     Y'all're the only people i trust to give it to me straight and not rip me off for work that doesn't need to be done. and prices are very reasonable.   Kimberly G.

9/10/2010     We have been regular customers of Lambs Automotive for over 10 years.  Keep up the good work.   Julie S.

9/6/2010     Very helpful, and nice to know there is a local service.   Tim M.

9/3/2010     I like that you give online coupons.   Evan E.

8/30/2010     friendly service.   Keith K.

8/25/2010     Always Great Service!   Jon W.

8/21/2010     We are completely satisfied with your service always.   Laura U.

8/19/2010     excellent service at a fair price by knowledgeable people.  Mike S.

8/19/2010     Service has always been excellent with honest feedback in terms of what is needed and why. Cost performance value is appreciated.   Michael C.

8/13/2010     Great service.  Able to accommodate on short notice.    Steve R.

8/5/2010     Your website is very easy to navigate, and definitely is helpful. Love the great tips!   Beth B.

8/3/2010     Lamb's Automotive is the best.  I always feel safe bringing my car there for anything from an oil change to major work.  Thanks!   Aaron I.

7/28/2010     Always very helpful and friendly   Andrea I.

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7/27/2010     Yesterday was my 1st visit to Lamb's Automotive and I was very impressed with Chuck's courtesy, professionalism and willingness to help.   Jane C.

7/22/2010     You guys always get my car in quickly, even at a moments notice. It is looked at and fixed in a very quick time frame. I appreciate it!   Stephanie G.

7/13/2010     Best service!!!   Dave D.

7/12/2010     You've been great in the past.   Peter G.

7/11/2010     Been to Lamb's twice. Appreciate the fast service and expert advice.   Jean N.

6/28/2010     Great honest service.   Allen W.

6/25/2010     Very friendly and efficient service.  Always willing to explain procedures and provide expert customer service.   Henry S.

6/23/2010     Good service.   Mathew S.

6/22/2010     The online appointment feature on your web site works really well and allows me to fit having the van repairs into my schedule.  Thanks!   Chuck C.

6/21/2010     Its a very nice site.   Frank N.

6/16/2010     Very polite & professional.   Chuck S.

6/15/2010     I just found your website, very helpful and useful.  I decided to sign up and bring my wife's car in.   Jeremy S.

6/9/2010     Mr. John Lamb: I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to stop to help me out. I didn't have a clue - as the battery is not that old. ...  I have told everybody about your kindness- & I hope you will get some business from it. This was meant to be a short Thank you, but I cannot get over that you took the time. I really, really, appreciate it & hope you or someone in your family enjoys Starbucks. Good Luck to you.   Sue K.

5/29/2010     Great service.   Adam K.

5/29/2010     Love the honest service. Work on your golf game, though.   Gary K.

5/21/2010     Great service !   Glenn P.

5/16/2010     Honest quality service!!!   John O.

5/11/2010     Chuck has been very helpful so far.   Justin S.

5/6/2010     Good service so far.  Appreciate honest appraisals about important or urgent a fix is.   Jim W.

5/3/2010     I am so impressed with your diagnostic skills. I can't believe how you knew what was wrong with my car so fast!   Kimberley L.

4/29/2010     Lambs automotive is fair, knowledgeable, and provides expert workmanship.  Thanks for your comprehensive work and building a relationship of trust with me.   Denise B.

4/29/2010     "John has serviced my vehicles for almost a decade. I have always found John to be knowledgable about the vehicles I have brought to him and he always thoroughly describes what service is necessary and why it is necessary. His email and follow-up letters are helpful reminders and make sure that proper maintenance is done in order to prevent neglect. If you need car repairs or maintenance work done by an honest company, in a prompt manner and at a fair price, then call John at Lamb's Automotive. You won't be disappointed you did!"  Glenn G.

4/29/2010     John, you have earned my trust over the last 15 or 20 years.  I have always been very skeptical when dealing with mechanics, based on passed experience, but you and your managers have always been up front with me, and I appreciate your honesty. You, Patty and Chuck are alright in my book.   Connie L.

4/23/2010     Car has been fixed in the best way possible. Thanks.   Kunal N.

4/22/2010     As a frequent customer of Lamb's, I always refer my neighbors and friends to your repair shop. Good job and well done, John and your team members.  Yin Q.

4/2/2010     good web site.  Howard F.

3/31/2010     We recently took our car because it was leaking fluids. Chuck did a thorough job explaining everything to us and making sure we knew what needed to be done in order to make an educated decision about what we wanted to do. Because it is an older car, he supported our decision to only do some of the repairs. He was very open, honest, and up front with us, which we greatly appreciated!   Denver S.

3/25/2010     I am always very happy with the work you've done on my cars.   Matt B.

3/22/2010     I found your Web site to be most informative in regard to providing general automotive information.   Barry K.

3/22/2010     I have been in a couple of time and also brought my son's car in something of an emergency tow situation. I've always spoken to the same gentleman who couldn't have been nicer or taken more time to explain options to me.  While there are few things anymore that don't seem expensive, I do trust that Lamb's is fair.  thank you.   Jack C.

3/17/2010     I was very happy with the customer service I received from Chuck.  He was very nice to me even though I don't know the first thing about cars.   Dianna K.

3/3/2010     Excellent service.   Gwen P.

2/20/2010     Lamb did a great job and will definitely get more of my business in the future!!   Dave T.

2/17/2010     great service.  Bob K.

2/5/2010     I'm a first time customer but was given information on how to save money on the repairs needed to my F-150.   Jeff H.

2/2/2010     thanks for your help.  Julie K.

1/30/2010     The web site is easy to understand and follow. I am always able to find what I need right away.   Jaclyn H.

1/26/2010     I have found John and the entire crew at Lambs Auto to always be honest and fair regarding all of my car repair problems!   Chris C.

1/14/2010     You guys are the Best !   Rhonda M.

1/13/2010     great service.   Joan S.

12/28/2009     Just made an appointment to get a problem resolved and from the calm demeanor of whoever answered the phone, I feel better already.   Marty O.

12/28/2009     Excellent and honest phone responses.   Alkarim T.

12/24/2009     always an honest and straight forward experience.   Bob F.

12/21/2009     On each of my visits to Lamb's Automotive, the personnel have been courteous, polite, caring and knowledgeable. Thanks to John Lamb and crew.   Alexander O.

12/18/2009     have had good service in the past.   Sheri B.

12/7/2009     Honest, helpful and reliable!  I can't believe the level of service, atmosphere and reliability. I've switched from our car's dealerships. People at the Buffalo Grove train station highly recommended Lamb's- I'm glad I followed their advice.   Maggie C.

11/16/2009     I have always received excellent service and help from the employees.   Jaclyn H.

11/13/2009     Just wanted to say you guys are great.  Mitchell M.

11/10/2009     Very fast and efficient service.  William R.

11/5/2009     thanks for the good service.  Bob K.

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11/5/2009     John always has gone above and beyond for my family.  Thank you for being there for us!   Holli H.

11/4/2009     You have always done good work for us in the past so we are bringing our son's car to you.   Sheila B.

10/17/2009     excellent work at a fair price.   Mike S.

10/9/2009     You guys are great.  You always take the time to explain what repairs have been made.  I will be a customer for life.   Adam F.

10/7/2009     great service ty.    Mitchell M.

10/2/2009     So far Lambs Automotive has done a great job diagnosing and fixing the air conditioning problem on my 2003 Subaru Forester.   Brian O.

9/26/2009     Thank you for writing these newsletters.  They are really helpful!   Lynn S.

9/26/2009     Just a quick note to thank Chuck and John for squeezing me in and taking care of my hazard/turn signal issue that had me running late for an appointment downtown.  Their responsiveness and quick help for their flustered client was very appreciated!   Patrick F.

9/21/2009     I have been going to you for 10 - 15 years.  I keep coming back because each and everyone of your employees and the owners, are the most honest and delightful friendly repair shop I have found in and around the area of Buffalo Grove/Lincolnshire.    Every one of my totally off the wall situations has been managed both professionally and with a sparkle of laughter - which makes swallowing the 'medicine' a lot easier.   Peter B.

9/19/2009     Well dealer warranty is up. And I am happy to bring my auto concerns to Lambs again.   Tom R.

9/18/2009     Very easy to navigate. Great layout. Nicely done :)   Beth B.

9/11/2009     I had to change my appointment for maintenance several times. Everyone was very patient. Thank you!   Dina H.

9/3/2009     Everyone has been extremely informative and helpful; thanks a lot!   Adam B.

9/1/2009     Always nice to do business with.   Carol S.

8/24/2009     Always courteous, helpful. Gets repairs done quickly.  Never tells me I need repairs that I don't.  Listens.  Always take our cars here. Reasonably priced.   Leora H.

8/22/2009     EXCELLENT WORK.   Jack G.

8/14/2009     Excited to use Lambs Auto. I've heard great things from co-workers about you.   Kristen F.

8/11/2009     Very good service.  All my vehicles are serviced by your company.   Chris G.

8/10/2009     Very satisfied, I'm coming in for more service.   Joan S.

7/28/2009     I came to Lambs Auto on a referral of my boyfriend and I really like the company.  Thanks so much for all your help and staff was very helpful and answered all my questions.   Kim W.

7/27/2009     Just called for a quote regarding a service.  Fast and courteous answer and reply.  Thanks.   Matt H.

7/24/2009     I think Lambs does great honest work.   Bob B.

7/22/2009     keep up the good work.  Mark S.

7/14/2009     Had my trans oil changed today. Great experience-Good work. It was finished when promised.   Jerry G.

7/12/2009     These guys know what they are talking about.   Matt S.

7/12/2009     glad to see a web page.  Friend recommended you and It was helpful.   Jackie R.

7/10/2009     Honest work at an honest price.  Mike S.

7/8/2009     Very understanding and willing to work with customers.   Derek K.

7/7/2009     As a business owner I know that it's easy to get more clients by promising what your clients want to hear, rather than the truth. But it's short-sighted in many ways. As far as my dealings so far with your company, I think you are also guided by this basic principle-which is refreshing.   Mitchell S.

7/6/2009     Always do great work.  Marty O.

7/2/2009     My Mom, Cheryl Cxxxxx is friends with Dena and couldn't give a higher recommendation for your services.  Also, the woman who answered the phone was so pleasant and easy to talk to.  She was knowledgeable and was completely comfortable with my total LACK of auto knowledge.   Emily M.

6/30/2009     I recently changed oil at your shop.  I really liked the service!   Vlad K.

6/29/2009     It was the first time I called Lambs and both employees that I have spoken to have been very knowledgeable and friendly.   Scott S.

6/25/2009     ... I'm always happy with the service and detailed explanations I receive at Lamb's Auto.   Ryan A.

6/23/2009     I was very happy with the service and fair cost to repair my rear wheel bearing. You guys were more then 1/2 the price of of the dealership. Service and accommodations were great.   Cary C.

6/20/2009     I really enjoy reading your news letters!   Chuck C.

6/19/2009     Was very helpful and understanding. I had to vent prior to getting to my point. He just sat there and listen. I dropped off my car and it had been a long time since I have worked with a Mom and Pop Shop. The garage was just that a garage, there was not a FLAT SCREEN on every wall with coffee and donuts. I am there to get my car worked on not to watch the Jerry Spring show and have breakfast. Anyway Chuck was very nice and informative.   Jacqueline S.  The venting was about someplace else that, shall we say "over-recommended".

6/8/2009     I think it is great that you guys attempt to educate the average drivers who doesn't really take care of their cars.  there are so many "resources" out there that give out faulty info or just to do's without any reason at all.  keep up the good work.    Hoeun K.

6/6/2009     Easy to maneuver thru your website.   Hap N.

6/5/2009     Trusted work.   Jack G.

5/27/2009     Keep up the good work.   Mark S.

5/20/2009     This is my first time using Lamb's Automotive after hearing my friend talk very highly of their service.   David C.

5/17/2009     Always satisfied with the GREAT SERVICE !   Pat S.

5/12/2009     Your website is very informative.  I appreciated the testimonials.  It gives me confidence to choose you in the future for auto repairs.   Jo Z.

5/7/2009     Chuck was very helpful for our repair.  Thank you for your professionalism and courtesy.  Julie D.

5/7/2009     Your website was very helpful and informative.   Timothy W.

5/6/2009     My husband told me to bring my car there for maintenance and problems with my Toyota Highlander. He said you were great with service and very friendly.   Ellen L.

5/5/2009     Thanks for fixing my car.   Donald W.

4/28/2009     We have been with Lamb's for years and have always been happy with the service, employees and fair prices. They have a way of understanding the strangest of issues and finding the way to fix them. We recently bought a new car and it gives me chills to have to take it to the dealer until the warranty expires. Maryann H.  PS.  We explained she does not have to go to the dealer.

Keep scrolling, only 150 more to go :)

4/23/2009     Your E-Newsletter provides good tips and information.  I loved the one telling you about cold weather car issues.  Thanks!  PS - Thanks for the free golf balls on my last visit!   Stephen L.

4/21/2009     have been a customer for over 3 years and thus far have found your service very satisfactory.  as a senior I would like to receive discount offers.   Robert B.

4/10/2009     Always helpful and honest.  Brake repairs last 3x longer than those done by dealers.   Mike S.

4/8/2009     good website.   Rob J.


2/24/2009    I think that you guys do a great job.... Bob B.

2/21/2009    while we are a little far away we trust the service at lambs.  Gary F.

2/18/2009    I love the way you guys explain the problem to me, in detail.  Keep up the good work.  Don K.

2/2/2009    I looked up your website because you're close to home and I needed somebody to do some work on a vehicle. I was pleasantly surprised to find this detailed website and to learn of your outlook on doing business.  I had a very pleasant conversation with the woman who answered the phone when I called and I am looking forward to dealing with you.  Warren H.

1/14/2009    I was in to have my brakes replaced and they let me know what other work I needed to have done to my car.  Of course I always forget but, then I received a letter in the mail reminding me what services I should have done.  I really appreciated that.  Rachael H.

1/9/2009    Easy to navigate and to the point.  I like that.  Angela B.

1/8/2009    We were very happy with the service provided by lambs auto and would like to use your company again for other needs as they arise.  Gary F.

12/17/2008        John and Crew are intelligent and know how to diagnose the problems.  They do an excellent job of keeping my 10 year old car running like a charm.  David G.

12/14/2008        Great service.  Elaine R.

11/20/2008        Lamb's is the first automotive repair service I've encountered that seems really interested in maintaining my vehicle (and not just separating me from my hard-earned cash). The informative, extensive web site is a invaluable tool for knowing when to seek service . Thanks, guys.  Jim H.

11/5/2008        In all my times coming to Lambs, the service has been nothing short of amazing!, Carly F


11/2/2008          It’s a pleasure to do business with Patti,  Ruth P.

10/9/2008          "Thanks John.  I actually just happened to come across this notice in a newspaper and I filed.  Thanks to the fact you had kept records dating back a few years, I was able to apply for the settlement.  Thanks for the notice.  That's being a good consumer-friendly business!! Glenn  "

10/8/2008          "Very helpful, fair and honest. I will use your shop again.  Lori K.  "

9/30/2008          I have always been very satisfied with the quality of work and the service of your company.  Jack M. 

9/12/2008          Thank you for all your help with my Toyota Corolla 1994 which has now gone on to a better place in Austin TX.  My new Toyota Camry is great.  Thank you for all your help.  Helen

9/11/2008          always happy with your services and recommend you as often as we can. Chris C. 

9/10/2008          Excellent service.  Jack G.

8/21/2008          "Great Service, and I love the new location.  Dawn H.  "

8/14/2008          Have used Lamb's Auto in the past. Web site is easy to navigate around. Company knows our car and is courteous and timely in repairs. Have recommended Lamb's Auto in the past.  Pat B. 

8/2/2008            Happy with work provided.  Scott S. 

7/24/2008          "I just have to thank you again for putting my car back on track.  With the noise gone, it feels like its old self again!  I really need this car to last another 80k miles, 5 years, or until they perfect a magic non-petrol vehicle that I can live with - whichever comes first.  I was so very happy you were able to help me with this little nuisance.   Not that I'm looking forward to more car troubles - but as comfortable as you make the whole problem-solving process, I know that next time will be a piece of cake! Cheers!  Joan "

7/7/2008            Very knowledgeable and explains everything to the customer.  Sarah F. 

6/18/2008          We have been using your facility since we moved to Lincolnshire and have been extremely happy with your service.  Sheldon.

6/5/2008            You have always been fair in your assessment of the issues we have.  Marylin F. 

6/4/2008            Thank you for your continual great service.  Laura U. 

5/21/2008          "I have been a customer of Lamb's Automotive for 25 years.  Their location is excellent.  Next to the Buffalo Grove Metra Train Station.  This allows me to drop my car off in the morning, on the way to work, and pick it up and the end of the day. Excellent Service too.  Dave G. "

4/23/2008          You guys are great! Your prices for service are more than half what the dealers charge. Keep doing good work!  Dina H. 

3/26/2008          I think your service is great.  Bryan B. 

3/7/2008            "Although the Long Grove Art School has only been a Chamber member for a month or so, we were having car problems that needed immediate attention.  We went to a Chamber Member we found on www.bgacc.org , Lamb's Auto Services.  We received prompt, excellent service on a cold, snowy day and received a fair price and a Chamber discount.  This was a  pleasant and positive experience and we will definitely refer Lamb's to anyone.  Nick and Pat. "

1/16/2008          Service Representatives are knowledgeable friendly and the service is always excellent.  Jamie K. 

1/13/2008          Have been customer for years and have always been satisfied with your work.  Sheldon M. 

12/27/2007        I think John and Patti are terrific people to be friends with over the years. I am happy that the new location is working out better for you.  Danny T. 

11/23/2007        Always the best.  See you soon - Helen F. 

10/21/2007        "A friend, who is one of your valued customers, recommended your services to me. Researching your exact location on the internet brought me here and to your very well-written car repair manual page. I can't wait until tomorrow to schedule an appointment to have you examine my car. Roy. "

8/15/2007          We love the idea that we can have oil changed when we are away (leave the car at the Metra station).  Michelle W.

8/7/2007            We have nothing but good things to say about the service at Lamb!  Michael H. 

7/19/2007          Thank you for your complete service and your honesty and most of all your pleasant customer relations.  Laura U.

7/5/2007            "As I've told John, the workmanship is good and honest, and the prices are much better than the dealership.  Dorene F.  "

6/28/2007          We have been going to Lamb's Auto for many years (periodically). The service is excellent and the employees are very informative and helpful.  Toni K. 

6/26/2007          I have brought my car to you many times and have had great experiences.  Thanks!  Paula M. 

6/25/2007          I am a newcomer to the area and have been very pleased with the service I have received.  I had been with another auto service place for many years before and I feel just as comfortable with Lambs' Auto as I did before.  Thank You.  Ruth P. 

6/11/2007          "Hi, I've been bringing my cars to you for several years now and have always appreciated the outstanding service and the detailed explanation of what you did to fix my car.  Ryan A.  "

6/5/2007            "John, Thanks for looking at the tires on my mother's car this afternoon. She was thrilled to learn that she didn't need new tires. It's great having an automotive repair shop that has been in the neighborhood for years and that we can trust. Sincerely, Jamie "  

Only 100 testimonials to go below this line

4/30/2007          "Honest, and always reliable service.  Phyllis F.  "

4/24/2007          Great service honestly provided  Ed C. 

4/20/2007          Just want to thank John Lamb for taking the time to temporarily fix my window and explain to me what was done. Joel G. 

3/21/2007          Excellent Service  Pat S. 

10/5/2006          I've been a loyal customer for 10 years!  Mary H. 

8/22/2006          You guys are great! I have never had better service or quality workmanship. I currently bring both my auto's to you and will continue to do so. Thanks Again!  Jeff S. 

8/15/2006          "Your entire staff was courteous, efficient, and extremely helpful.  You resolved my automotive need quickly and conveniently.  Having just had foot surgery, I appreciated the speed and helpfulness of your staff. Thanks so much, and I will be back the next time my car needs servicing.  Rachel M.  "

8/1/2006            "I have taken my cars in for oil changes, and have been very happy with the work. I have also been impressed with the mechanics being proactive and notifying me when their has been other problems that I should be aware of.  David B.  "

7/28/2006          "I recently brought two of my cars there for service and was very satisfied with the Lambs experience.  I appreciate your extended hours and being driven to my house so I don't need to arrange a ride.  I will spread the word... Thanks, Mitch K.  "

7/20/2006          Very helpful and courteous  David P. 

7/11/2006          Great business and happy with your services! Trent S.

7/11/2006          Great business you have going and good location!  Paula M. 

7/5/2006            Congratulations on your new move.  Looking forward to seeing you soon.  Victor D. 

6/19/2006          "We have appreciated the service and quality of work that we have received from you in the last 6 years! Sincerely, Darryl & Pamela"

6/8/2006            love the website but i am more impressed with your professional service (97 safari) Mort L. 

5/23/2006          "I would just like to let you know that everyone there is very friendly. When there is something wrong with my car things are always explained well and I do not feel like I am getting the runaround. You always get me in right away and the job is always well done. Thank you, Necole "

5/3/2006            Keep up the good work. Harry C. 

4/30/2006          "I could not be happier with Lambs Automotive.  I always feel that any car that my husband, son and I bring in gets the best care. We are just very happy dealing with Lambs  Linda V.  "

4/11/2006          I wish more automotive repair shops provided information on the Internet like your business.  Michael G. 

4/8/2006            Congratulations on your new location!!  We hope you have a long a productive stay  Michael B. 

4/8/2006            service was good  Jan M. 

4/7/2006            "I have appreciated doing business with you for many years.  I recently traded my 2000 Olds Intrigue so you can stop mailing me the service reminder letter.   However, be sure and keep my wife, Micki on the list.  I am going to sign her up on your web site with her email address, so she can receive your coupons, etc.  I know I’ll be back.  I still thank xxx for recommending you.  Ralph  "

4/3/2006            Shawn was very helpful and knowledgeable. It was a good experience dealing with him. John B. 

2/16/2006          I've had my car in for service twice in the last couple of months.  Each time I have been greeted by friendly staff and I have been satisfied with the work that was done.  Keep up the good work!  John D. 

2/1/2006            "This is fantastic!  Can't wait to see the new place.  Thank you for all the great service you have given me and my family. sincerely, Myra "

2/1/2006            CONGRATULATION for your move to a new and great location. It is believed that the move shows your business has been very successful backed by your excellent service and customer satisfaction. Best wishes for the continued successes and further progress with your business.  Tadshi. 

2/1/2006            Congrats. on your new home.  I just wanted to let you know that I have moved to New Jersey and you can take me off your email list.  I certainly have appreciated your integrity and honesty as a businessman and mechanic.  If I move back to the Chicago land area I will be sure to come back. Suzanne 

1/31/2006          Hi: Thanks for the good service over the years.  I look forward to seeing you in your new location.  Harry 

1/30/2006          I had a radiator replaced by you last year at my first visit (found you in the phone book and was very impressed)   Ellen I. 

1/4/2006            "Morning John,  I have done business with you for over 10 years.  I learned about your honesty & integrity from xxx in Northbrook, Jeff & Sandy xx. ... I could not be more pleased with your organization and the people that service us.  Today Shawn & the lovely lady (I missed her name) were very helpful & pleasant. Ralph "

1/3/2006            Have been a customer for a number of years & very pleased with service & honesty. You should promote your web site more at the office. I am doing this now because of your reminder letter on service. Ralph V. 

11/26/2005        "Long time customer, always happy with the honesty and quality of work as well as the efficiency and professionalism of everyone.  Helen F.  "

10/24/2005        Work is solid. Prices are reasonable.  Employees are friendly and informative.  Mike S. 

9/7/2005            "Honest and superior service, always.  The xxxxxxxxx Family appreciates knowing that if we have a problem with one of our vehicles, that we'll be able to get it fixed quickly and completely.  In addition, the staff at Lambs is always very helpful and friendly. Chris C.  "

8/25/2005          Appreciate good service and honest opinions.  Micki

7/26/2005          I dealt with Shawn on a simple alternator repair.  He was helpful and friendly. The work was also done in a reasonable amount of time.  I appreciated the experience and will return for any future work needed on my cars when I am in this area. Bjorn J. 

6/13/2005          "Just a note to tell you I appreciate the  good service you have always given me.  I have always had things explained to me when dealing with John or Sean.  Thanks, Patty for the ride home!  Mary G.  "

6/12/2005          I love the level of detail that you provide in your diagnosis of what the problem is.  It makes it a lot easier to make an informed decision and promotes a certain level of comfort which has my wife and I bringing our cars to you any time they have a problem or general maintenance issue.  Thanks so much and keep up the good work! Greg B. 

3/24/2005          "I entered a long note of praise, last week, only to be told there was a limit of characters!  You're accommodating, caring, of people and cars (!)  Sandy W.  "

2/15/2005          "A few things I like best about your company are that your prices are fair and you and your repairmen are trustworthy. One thing that sets you apart from everyone else though, is that when explaining what's wrong (or isn't wrong), the focus is made on educating the consumer as to what's really happening with his car -- what's normal, and what's not.  It's a great service that you just don't get anywhere else. It's great for those of us who don't have a background in mechanics, and it's nice that it's done without making me feel ignorant (even though I normally am about car repairs!) Take care, Ryan  "

2/14/2005          "John, we moved to NC in June, and as much as I'll miss your service, I hate for you to keep us on your mailing list.  If you're ever down this way please e-mail me and I'll have you check out the 2000 Explorer...it only has 31,000 miles and is in top condition. Thanks for your years of excellent service. Debi "

2/4/2005            I have been going to you for a few years know for all my oil change and mechanic needs.  You are a great and honest company and I will continue to use your great service for all my needs.  Max T. 

12/28/2004        "I think it is great you decided to create a web site, and the pages loaded well even onto my obsolete computer!  We have been steady customers for several years and appreciate the quality of work done at Lambs.  Jim M. "

12/20/2004        Explorer is running great now! Thanks  Gary Z. 

12/18/2004        We've been a customer for over 15 years  Bob K. 

12/13/2004        "Please remove me from your mailing list since I have moved to Wisconsin as of May,2004. I will miss your fine service and your fair treatment to me in the past. Sincerely, Bill "

8/19/2004          You're site is one of the more informative sites on the automotive web  Andy R. 

8/12/2004          "Thanks, you guys are great. Chris S.  "

5/20/2004          Good experience  Hale L. 

5/17/2004          Always great service and advise from Lamb's Automotive!  Ron W. 

5/10/2004          "Hi,I'm happy with extensive work you've done on my car.  Ed R.  "  

Almost there, only 50 more to go!

4/12/2004          Excellent service and clear explanations of repair needs.  Janet R. 

12/13/2003        "I truly appreciate your honesty. As a customer of many years, I place my total trust in your analysis and authorize the repair. You have on several occasions directed me back to the dealer reminding me that the necessary work was under warranty or service bulletins had been issued by the manufacturer. You could have done the work and charged me but you demonstrated your integrity by sending me away. You cannot buy a reputation like this. I recommend you services to anyone who will listen.  Bill K.  "

10/9/2003          "We're so very glad to have finally found Lamb's Automotive (and so close to our office, too!).  We've been in business long enough to know that it's not easy to find a competent and experienced auto mechanic.  Although we seem to be in need of your services more often than we'd like, we know we're in good hands with the Lambs' team.  We appreciate your prompt and thorough attention, and we enjoy dealing with Pat also.  Thanks from the JMC team!  "

10/5/2003          "I really like the fact that you have a web site.  The helpful hints you offer remind me to take care of the periodic maintenance that my cars require.  I also like that you send out newsletters with coupons.  In fact, where is the latest newsletter?  I like to use the coupons.  I also like that you pick up the car at the BG train station.  VERY convenient!!  Lynn T.  "

9/28/2003          Thanks for your help and service throughout the (over 20 ) years!  Donna J. 

8/4/2003            I wanted to thank you again for all of your help on Saturday when my Buick was dying.  It only died once on the trip home and performed well this morning.  I wanted you to know that I have contacted NAPA customer service to let them know of our pleasant experience with you and to thank them for their referral.  The three of us were in agreement that NAPA could not have referred us to a nicer person/business.  Have a good day.  Judy M. H. note: computer system was still relearning idle parameters after repair.  Customer since called and vehicle no longer dies.

7/29/2003          "You can always get my car in, and are very convenient  Justin W.  "

6/24/2003          "Sorry for the delay in thanking you -- we had our Dodge Caravan in for brakes on Friday June 13th and were running WAY late -- we were definitely time and car-challenged that day.  Anyway, thank you SO VERY MUCH for staying late until my son could get over there to pick up the car.  I am very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We very much appreciate your going the extra mile. Teri "

6/15/2003          You are doing a great job. You have done a great job earning my trust and business. Laura

5/26/2003          "John.......can't think of a single thing to ""improve"" your service.  But do appreciate your knowing my ""cars"" when they come in...even after a year away at college (by the way have the 94 Explorer will be  coming in in June)........my 2000 will be in soon also.  You are the most honest car experts that I've ever come across, and recommend you to anyone looking for car service.   Thanks for all you done for me in the past 6 years..........and I'll be back..........and back.........and back. Debi.  "

5/16/2003          "I was in last weekend for an oil change.  Gus (I think that was his name) was very courteous and friendly.  Coming in tomorrow, hopefully for our other car.  Erich B.  "

2/20/2003          Very happy with your work. Ellary K. 

2/1/2003            "How wonderful that you have a web site.  Very informative and it really makes me believe you have a well run, professional shop.  Lynn S  "

1/9/2003            "I was impressed by the way you were able to schedule and perform the work I had recently done with efficiency and quality.  Enrique, C.  "

1/6/2003            "I appreciate your honesty and integrity in your mechanical evaluations. Also, your staff are always very helpful and courteous.  Ken T. "

12/4/2002          "Just a brief comment, acknowledging how pleased my wife (Teri) and I have been, with the friendliness and integrity we've invariably encountered, whenever we've had vehicle/s brought in. Nice job!  Tom S "

10/2/2002          This was our initial contact with Lambs Auto and we were very satisfied.  Gus was the person we primarily dealt with and he referred me to the website for additional coupon savings.  I was happily surprised since normally I wouldn't expect that from an employee of the company (apologies if Gus is an owner!) Everything was done promptly and he kept in touch with us the whole time.  We will definitely recommend Lambs Auto to our friends.  Dana S. 

8/21/2002          "I brought my car in a few months ago and it was great work you guys did.  You saved me a ton of unneeded work that Firestone told me to do.  I plan to bring my car into you for an oil change this week because of that.  I also want to be added to your email list, which I was not a part of.  Adam M.  "

7/19/2002          "Every time I have visited your shop, Gus has been the ""upfront person.""  He is very nice to deal with--very polite and helpful.  D. G.  "

7/17/2002          "Everyone I have had contact with at Lambs has been wonderful, patient (because I ask lots of questions) and well informed about cars. And John has been nice enough to explain car repair information in terms I could understand.  I trust your work.  Nancy L "

7/2/2002            Service is excellent. Customer interaction is very good.  Atun B 

5/1/2002            Your service has always been fair and courteous. Gus was very cordial as was the front desk lady (forgot her name).  Richard S 

4/24/2002          I am very impressed with the work you have done for us in searching for a used car. We know we can trust you and appreciate your honesty and integrity. Thanks Darryl 

9/21/2001          "Since 1994, my family has been bringing our cars to Lamb's Auto.  We have always been 100% satisfied with the knowledge and professionalism that is always displayed.  Whereas most maintenance are eager to take your dollar and get you on your way, Lamb's treats our cars as if they were theirs -- with patience and respect.  I'll continue to tell everyone I know about Lamb's -- the diamond in the northern suburbs.  Jarret R "

8/18/2001          "you do great work at a reasonable price.  you tell me when I need to have particular work done.  In cases where it is unclear whether particular work is needed, you give me your honest opinion and reasoning.  Phil B  "

8/17/2001          I truly appreciate the kind and prompt customer service your company provides to its customers.  Steve R

6/24/2001          Great job.  Keep it up.  Scott R 

5/20/2001          I've always had good luck having you work on my car. Cal J 

5/17/2001          "I've been very satisfied with your work in the past.  And, I look forward to your service assistance in the future.  Tom P  "

5/9/2001            I have had my cars serviced at your shop several times and have been very happy with the service.  Eric R 

4/27/2001          "My wife continue to be please by the service we receive from your shop and friendly atmosphere created by all at your garage.  Whether our problems have been simple or complex, we always get the attention we feel we deserve.  Thank you. Carl M "

4/26/2001          I was very pleased with the quality of your service.  It is a rare combination to receive quality auto service from people who actually care about your satisfaction.  I will definitely be a regular customer & will refer my friends.  Keep up the great work!  Vic D

4/13/2001          Have always been honest and available when we needed service.  Connie D

3/29/2001          Thanks for the quick and thorough repair of my 1996 Intrepid!  Scott W

3/4/2001            It's nice to have a repair shop you can trust.  Nanette K

2/14/2001          I've been bringing my '99 beetle to you for probably the past 6 months or more and I am thoroughly happy with your company.  I believe you are fair people and your work is excellent.  Also you are very close to home and that helps me alot.  Thanks for everything.  Myra N 

2/10/2001          Thank you for your great service.  You have done work for me twice and I an very happy.  Darryl S 

2/8/2001            "I am new to area and have been using Lambs since last summer.  Very impressed with professionalism, customer service, and your work generally.  I was also impressed by your recent letter announcing automatic reminders for service--great idea.  Dale S  "

2/3/2001            You always do a great job - give Dennis a raise   Laura K 

1/12/2001          You do a great job on our cars and we appreciate your honesty.  Judi S

1/11/2001          You guys are terrific!  We just got back the '92 Blazer  and it's never run better.  Thanks for all your diagnostic work on finding the problem. I won't go ANYWHERE else for my car needs now that I've found you !!!!  Debi S

11/30/2000        Appreciate the time you take to explain problems  Robert H 

9/27/2000          we always bring the cars in to you.  Karen S 

9/25/2000          "John I think your service is outstanding, because when I need service on a major weekend you took care of my car personally, and very very fast. Once again Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!  Ron J. "

7/11/2000          I like your work  Tom E

6/24/2000          Good web site. The number one reason that I take my vehicles to you is that I know I won't be cheated and I know the work is professional.  Paul D

4/3/2000            I have a fairly new vehicle and my last oil change was at the dealer. Last week I brought it to you for an oil/grease job. The dealer actually made some minor mistakes while changing my oil and underestimated the time they would take! Your service was terrific as usual. It was also nice to talk with Dennis who is always tactful and honest. Thank you again and hope business is booming for you.  Ron W

3/22/2000          Always thrilled with your service and honesty.  These things build trust and loyalty...  Ron W

2/10/2000          "Been with John Lamb forever,,  Jim F "